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A low concentration of rare earth solution is larger than a drum oil film extraction technique
2017-06-16 16:11:39

A few days ago, China's rare earth industry association experts for process engineering research institute, Chinese academy of sciences in Beijing and Qingdao institute of bioenergy and process of joint research and development success "big compared to low concentration of rare earth solution bubbling oil membrane extraction technology and device" the meeting evaluation and identification of scientific and technological achievements. Participants listened to the technical director Huang Kun work and technical summary report, reviewed the related technical data, and toured technology implementation - ganzhou city of jiangxi province in longnan county dongjiang foot hole rare earth mine, the technology gave high evaluation. After the meeting, the experts agreed that the overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level. It is suggested that further completion of the industrial experiment should be carried out in an early way to promote the use of industrialization and promote the development of the rare earth industry.

It is understood that the low concentration of rare earth solution compared to big bubble oil membrane extraction technology and device is process engineering of Chinese academy of sciences researcher liu joint team Qingdao energy, execute the east by the rare earth group after nearly seven years to hone developed the original technology, has applied for six Chinese invention patent.

According to introducing, this technology solved how to get the minimum volume of organic extractant mass transfer surface area of oil phase to maximize, and how to evenly dispersed in the process of flow in the general technical problems in water phase. Because the extraction reaction in bubbles on the surface of thin oil film layer, interface effect to strengthen the extraction efficiency of mass transfer, mass transfer driving force big, suitable for recycling of rare earths from the low concentration of rare earth solution. Extractive process compared to water and oil is as high as more than 600, after the extraction of rare earth solution concentration enrichment of thousands of times, it can realize direct connection with the current single rare earth extraction separation process. New technology compared with the traditional craft production costs have fallen sharply, from containing rare earth ion concentration can be applied directly to < 100 mg/L (REO) very dilute solution of recycle economic and efficient extraction of rare earth.

At the same time, the bubbles on the surface of organic extracting agent is easy to control the oil film stratum membrane gathered, this technology effectively reduces the organic extractant in the extraction liquid entrainment in the loss. The problem of emulsifying and emulsification of traditional liquid membrane extraction with surfactant is easy to induce. The problems of dispersing and polymerization of oil and water are solved by solving the extraction operation of the emulsion extraction system. It also solves the problem of the technical problem of the liquid in the high ratio of the load operation. The concentration of total rare earth concentration in the extraction of the fluid in the fluid of the column water is < 0.1 mg/L, P < 0.3 mg/L, COD < 50mg/L.

In addition, the low concentration of sulfuric acid rare earth ore leaching of ionic type rare-earth ore fluid to adopt new technology to extract concentration, extraction residue oil content is extremely low, recycled used in leaching mining, recycling of rare earths from low concentration solution, this is the innovation of technology and equipment.