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A small rebound in the price of heavy rare earth metals is expected to improve
2017-06-16 16:09:26

The price of rare earths has rebounded, driven by expectations of a reserve. According to the data from baichuan, the price of rare earth rare terbium, a rare rare earths, has risen by 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan per ton. Among them, the price of dysprosium oxide rose to 1.22 million yuan to 1.23 million yuan, while the price of dysprosium iron rose to 1.24 million yuan to 1.25 million yuan per ton. In addition, the price of terbium oxide is 2730,000-278,000 yuan per ton, and the metal terbium is quoted at 3.63 million yuan to 3.68 million yuan per ton.

It is understood that the rare earth bidding meeting or in early September, and the kingdom will be priority purchasing and storage in dysprosium, terbium, yttrium, europium, erbium, lutetium of six kinds of medium and heavy rare earth oxide products. The agency believes that the development of rare earth reserves will significantly improve the supply and demand pattern of the industry and boost the price of the rare earth market.

In recent years, the government has adopted a series of policies to support rare earths as a strategic resource. From the latest dynamic, early August in the eighth China international BBS baotou rare earth industry, led by the north rare earth of 70 rare earth enterprises was formally established in baotou rare earth industry association, so as to promote the increase of concentration of rare earth industry. In addition, baotou initiated a total of 6.66 billion yuan in the transformation and upgrading investment fund to support the transformation and upgrading of the local rare earth industry. The fund will invest in the baotou rare earth industry transformation and upgrading project in a way that is not controlled by the participation in the stock market, and now has 22 investment projects, and a total investment of 900 million yuan.

In June on the supply side and reserve side, issued by the general office of the state council "about creating a favorable market environment to promote increasing the benefits of non-ferrous metals industrial restructuring to promote transformation of instruction opinion", from the strict controls of new capacity, exit the excess capacity, improve the reserve system, and other aspects key task arrangement. We will improve the mechanism for the use of non-ferrous metals in the mix of government reserves and commercial reserves, and appropriately increase the reserves of non-ferrous metals. We will explore the trials of commercial reserves for non-ferrous metals enterprises, and encourage financial institutions to study and support the commercial collection of non-ferrous metals.

In addition, the ministry issued in April "" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning outline of land and resources, points out that to strengthen the important mineral resources exploration and protection, strengthen the strategic mineral reserves to important properties such as rare earths, tungsten. Dynamic adjustment mechanism through the establishment of protective exploitation of specified minerals, annual production quantity control management mechanism reform, effective control of key of ionic rare earth mining scale. At the same time, the ministry of industry and also is the rare earth industry standard conditions (2016), the measures for the administration of the rare earth industry standard condition announcement for public opinion, put forward the development and utilization of mining enterprises shall be in strict accordance with the approved plan and production plan for mining, prohibit undocumented total volume control targets, cross-border mining and mining, it is forbidden to choose environment, mining mineral processing technology of the waste of resources.

In recent years, the reduction of the rare earth industry has made remarkable progress. In 2012, according to data of land and resources department of the national rare earth mineral rights from 113 to 113, smelting separation of enterprise from nearly 200 to 200, at the same time set up six rare earths group of rare earth enterprise integration. With the establishment of the six major rare earth groups and the completion of the consolidation of the industry, the concentration of the market will be greatly improved and the business environment is expected to improve significantly.

According to the consolidated brokerage, guangsheng is a major producer of rare earth minerals, and last year the company produced a total of 3,822 tons of rare earth oxide. Engaged in rare earth smelting separation and resources, the company perfect industrial chain, which owns the han xin mining rare earths, sheep room and shandong hui mountain lake and other rare earth resources, the separation of light rare earth smelting capacity of 5460 tons/year, medium and heavy rare earth smelting separation capacity of 8000 tons/year. Xiamen tungsten industry is the main body of fujian rare earth, and the company will invest in the exploration of rare earth resources in the province.