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2017 China (Beijing) international target material products and coating industry exhibition
2017-06-16 15:48:34

2017 China (Beijing) international target material products and coating industry exhibition

Time: June 6-8, 2017: Beijing China international exhibition center (new hall)

During the same period: the 2017 target materials application seminar 2017 vacuum coating technology exchange meeting

S organizational units

Organizer: the Beijing institute of electronic materials, the Chinese electronic society of the China institute of optical materials

Support unit: international electronic federation European photovoltaic industry association, association of international semiconductor equipment association, Taiwan coating technology association

Japanese semiconductor manufacturers association (SIA) Japan electronic information technology industry association

Organizer: Shanghai enterprise tong exhibition services co., LTD

Media support: vacuum technology and equipment network China vacuum plate network China vacuum portal film talent net

China electroplating information network, China electroplating network, the international surface processing network international surface processing network, etc

S fair overview

2017 China (Beijing) international target materials and coating industry exhibition will be held in Beijing China international exhibition center on June 6, 2017. At that time, the organizing committee will invite numerous domestic and foreign target materials technology, products, coating equipment, new materials and other latest technologies and products will be exhibited in the meeting. During the exhibition, the organizing committee will organize a series of technical exchanges and forward-looking, practical, guidance launch activities, for users, enterprises, research institutes and trade groups to provide a broad platform.

The organizing committee will provide the highest level, the largest and the most perfect the work organization plan for you to make the supply and demand both sides show best procurement platform, warmly welcome new and old friends to sign up for.

The promotion of the noil and the main audience

500000 visiting tickets printed and sent to related ministries and light industry management institutions at home and abroad, procurement group, and China's ambassador to the foreign participation in foreign overseas business organizations in China, the domestic and foreign professional buyers, distributors, importers and exporters, wholesalers, agents and relevant industry associations, and held both at home and abroad related to the exhibition, exposition, and fair, distributing, invited exhibition tour.

National and global dozens of countries and regions of the semiconductor, electronics, display, solar energy, integrated circuit, optical components, function/glass coating, surface decoration materials, magnetic storage, data storage, microelectronics, chips, the micro components, communications, automotive glass and electronic, such as anti-corrosion coating enterprise decision-makers, director, manager, engineer, procurement marketing consultant will gather in Beijing, is the enterprise of target communication with buyers, negotiate the best trading platform, trading and cooperation.

S time to arrange

Reporting: June 4-5, 2017: June 6, 2017 (9:00-9:30)

Overview: June 6, 2017: the afternoon of June 8, 2017